The Meridian Psychotherapist teaches their client how to interact with their own meridians. This therapy is highly effective because there is a definite link between the Meridians and the Emotions. During treatment the client is encouraged to focus on their problems while interacting with their own meridian system, until a satisfactory Standard Unit of Discomfort (SUD) is determined. The client may experience the ‘abreaction of repressed trauma’ during the session.

Meridian therapy is an Energy Therapy of treatment techniques and protocols (EFT, TFT, to name a few) which are now also being used by therapists, nurses, physicians, psychiatrists, counsellors and lay people worldwide, and has yielded exceptional results for emotional and physiological problems. No known adverse side effects when using the suggestions and protocols have been reported.

Energy Therapy techniques produce change by gaining access to the energy system of the body through the network of meridians that moves our life force (also called Chi or Qi) through our bodies.

The Discovery Statement of Energy Therapy is: “The cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body’s energy system.”

Once there are blockages of emotional or physiological distress, one or more of these meridians become blocked and must be removed before healing can occur.

Meridians were mapped out by the Chinese over four thousand years ago and is the basis of all acupuncture treatment. Imbalances in our energy system can be removed and healed when stimulating the various acupressure points along these meridians, whether these blockages and imbalances were caused due to emotional or physiological stress is not important, only that we open and clear these pathways to realign these circuits of energy to function properly.

Many refer to Meridian Psychotherapy as a form of “psychological acupuncture” but where acupuncturists use needles to facilitate the flow of life force through the body, energy therapists use the fingers to tap or massage the acupoints of the meridians. By stimulating the correct sequence of meridian points while saying an opening statement, and focusing on emotional content, it helps restore balance to the energy system as a whole and allows the body and mind to re-activate its own natural healing process.

The existence of these meridians was once thought to be unproven and simply a matter of belief.  However recent advances in the technology available for scientific research has meant that it has been possible to map the meridians on a more scientific basis with the use of radioactive dye. To read more on meridians, click on the Q&A section.

The effectiveness of Meridian Psychotherapy modalities with respect to allergies:

Should a client present with allergies, it will be beneficial and no harm will be done if you get a Meridian Psychotherapist to first determine whether the allergies are actual “allergy symptoms” or “allergy-like symptoms” i.e. whether an actual physical response is caused by a chemical contaminant of the client being allergic to something in the physical world or whether an allergic reaction is actually psychologically based and caused by the client’s emotional history and emotional state, or caused by Psychological Reversal or energy toxins. It is always worth checking both psychological reversal and energy toxicity because if the client’s problem can be resolved then the Meridian Psychotherapist has taken an unwanted load off the medical practitioner. Even if the Meridian Psychotherapist cannot resolve the problem they will have done no harm. Plus Meridian Psychotherapy modalities are especially good because many times, medical practitioners cannot pick up the cause of the allergies, therefore a Meridian Psychotherapist can help to either treat the allergy by removing it, or help to narrow it down.

To name but a few of the many conditions that Meridian Psychotherapy can be used to treat:

Anxiety / panic attacks / stress

Phobias / fears


Trauma / PTSD

Addictions / habits

OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorders)


Energy Toxins

PR (Psychological Reversal)

Repressed memories


Mood Swings

Brooding Depression

Inferiority complex


Repetitive Dreams

Feelings of Guilt or Shame