The aim of a Life Coach is to produce positive and fulfilling results in their clients’ personal and professional lives, working with them to overcome any obstacles and setbacks which they have experienced in the past and which prevent them from reaching their goals and full potential. A Life Coach can unlock and release the potential within their clients, to bring about major positive improvements in their lives. Life Coaching is a practical tool for personal exploration and development.

What to expect:

  • The first session looks on gaining an overall perspective of the client’s life, before identifying which area/s they seek to improve or are unhappy with.
  • The Life Coach and client then agree on goals and the sub-goals which are broken down into achievable objectives. The Life Coach provides certain techniques / homework to help the client achieve this.
  • It is then up to the client to utilise these techniques and practice and work with them. It is vital that the client possess the desire, drive and focus to change their life and achieve their goals.