Angel Kael knew that the only way to save his brother was to break Heaven’s rules he helped instil, to go to earth to investigate the alleged falling of his brother, but this decision could cost more than just his wings.


Angel Kael refuses to believe that his brother has become a fallen angel. He’sthe best darnGuardian Angel who ever existed so how could he have fallen? Another question that baffles Kael is who murdered the great Prophet, Joshua of earth and why? These questions finally drive Kael to break one of heaven’s rules – going down to earth – to investigate. But on earth he quickly discovers that nothing is as it seems and before long, he finds himself breaking a few more rules along the way, while he unravels dark secrets and mysteries, and he also breaks the most important rule of all – he falls in love with a human. Now he has to save his brother and the woman he loves from the impending doom that is about to hit both heaven and earth.


Angel Down, Deception is a supernatural, romance thriller.

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