Empowering Our Children series consists of 5 books which teach our children from a young age the power of words, the power of our differences, the power of believing, the power of colour and the power of sound, which can be used daily to empower themselves and those around them.

As adults, self-empowerment has come a far way, and wisely so.

But to achieve a positive conscious shift on a global level, I believe that we should also empower our children with mind power, positive thinking and words, inspiration and love, as well as some new-age thinking.

With this conviction in mind, I started writing this series as I truly believe we can bring about conscious change on a global level once we change the mindset of our children and remove their limitations before they get trapped in life’s struggles that we as adults are so often caught up in.

We really are in this together, a united species, and I truly hope this series will empower our children to help us change the world and make it a better place for all.

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